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A crimefighting organization called the Angels goes up against a drug-smuggling ring headed by a female kung-fu killer.
The Government lays waste to Thailand's Golden Triangle poppyfields' production, and the Drug Lord seeks vengeance on the police forces involved. For 10 million Swiss Francs, he even buys the services of Madame Sue, a ruthless killer, to dispose of the Iron Angels, a trio of highly trained agents in martial arts and gunfighting…
This film is awesome! Pure action, no cut. Shots and the best Kung-fu. And familiar faces from the ol´school; Hwang Jang Lee(Drunken master, Tower of death, etc) Playin a good character with incredible fight scenes, or David Chiang (The legend of the seven golden vampires, Kings of money and fists) as the boss of the Iron angels. The final fight scene is so wild. Two women in a death fight, bloody kung-fu (that´s cool). A non-stop action film from the 80´s. HK films fan? You must see this HIT.
This was one of the first movies I ever saw women playing a major role in a modern day action movie! At the time not realizing that this genre was called "Girls with guns" or femme fatale"! Since then I have seen many and just have to say that I love this genre! The women in "Iron Angels" are beautiful but very dangerous! The plot is simple but effective! A special unit ("Angels") is hired to stop a drug syndicate from killing agents who are responsible for destroying opium fields 30 million dollars worth! You get to see the team in action! (For people thinking about Charlie's Angels! It is nothing like that! These men and women are very clever and capable!) The main characters are very likable! Most of them are convincing as martial artists! "Moon Lee" who is not a martial artist shows some moves that let you believe that she is trained! The bad guy in this movie is a very bad woman (Yukari Oshima)! Very attractive,very dangerous and a real martial artist! And it shows! Her kicks are lethal! As with a lot of movies from this genre it is very difficult to get a copy of "Iron Angels" This movie deserves to be seen because it is one of the best in this genre! An overlooked gem!

HongKong has a very prude rating system. Therefore one shot showing a female breast got cut for the HongKong DVD. This scenes if featured in the Dutch tape though.
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