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A college co-ed and a mob henchman are murdered with black magic, and the chief suspect is Dresden.
I really would love to see the entire two hours of Storm Front.<br/><br/>I am sorely disappointed that the Dresden Files seems to be on hiatus, because I have friends who wanted to see the show from the beginning and were disappointed that they would not be repeated this summer.<br/><br/>At the very least, I would like to see the full length of Storm From. Robert H. Wolfe has given me some of my favorite episodes of other shows, such as DS9. I want to watch what this script was like before it got chopped in half.<br/><br/>This is a really good show, and I am certain that it will draw a loyal and diverse audience of intelligent and employed folks, just the sort who buy the things sponsors sell…. So, Sci-Fi Channel, COME ON!
Loinsgate and SciFi Channel finally released the full version of the non-aired pilot &quot;Storm Front&quot; as a broadcast television movie. But in order to prevent those who would possibly think that the studio was in negotiations to re-start the series (now that former series star Blackthorne was released from his other series), SciFi aired the series as one of their 3AM movies rather than the Saturday night &quot;most dangerous night of movies&quot; feature.<br/><br/>The film shows a lot of the power and potential that the series had and the solid writing decisions the producers made in the changes to allow the series to stand independent from the book version of the story – most notably the fact that in this non-aired pilot Bob far closer to the books as a disembodied voice in a skull, than the actual ghost Mann played which played up Mann&#39;s visual acting strength and presence in the series.<br/><br/>While fans of the series already know how the movie played out the added 40 minutes of the background are definitely appreciated as a character development for the series. But as these changes definitely showed that the series pilot was still drastically influx from the time of its writing to the time that this film was actually being recorded, this full length pilot is more appreciated as a &quot;work-in-progress&quot; showing the behind the scenes rather than as the official pilot of the series. Overall the pilot is still far too linearly obedient to the books rather than being developed as a series BASED on the books which conflicted with the series and its own reinterpretation of those books.<br/><br/>But as is, this version of &quot;Storm Front&quot; will be released as part of a series DVD reissue (this version is NOT included in the DVD release), or maybe it will cause the fans to amass around for a series restart.

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