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Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when meek mop boy Melvin falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose.
Melvin is a social misfit who works in the Tromaville Health Club. He is always suffering the abuse of two bullies and their respective girlfriends and the four are also murderers. But all the abuse is going to end when Melvin accidentally falls into some barrels with toxic material. Now he is "The Toxic Avenger" and soon he will be the hero of Tromaville and a menace to the corrupt mayor.
For many geeks loving the B-movie genre this is the ultimate flick to see and coming out of Troma you know what you can expect. Over 30 years nowadays it shows. The humour added to it or the effects used are outdated but let that be the charm of Toxic Avenger. <br/><br/>It&#39;s a must see for all fans of the horror genre, it&#39;s the one that made Troma and it spawned a franchise. Even up to this writing there are fans out still adoring this flick.<br/><br/>If you are into low budget flicks then it&#39;s a must see, it has it all, bad acting, overacting, gratuitous nudity, stupidity, clichés and of course the gore that made this the one of Troma to see. <br/><br/>Not really my thing and to admit it Troma never really was even as I have a lot of Troma flicks it is one of a kind. Contains a lot of, again, stupid extra&#39;s. Be sure to see the unrated director&#39;s cut containing the head crush scene.<br/><br/>Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 1/5
I have been informed that The Toxic Avenger is one of Troma&#39;s better films, so it was perhaps not the most appropriate introduction to their notorious catalogue that contains titles such as Nazi Surfers Must Die and Class of Nuke &#39;Em High.<br/><br/>I was expecting gratuitous nudity and violence, and I was presented with it, but one thing I didn&#39;t expect was the pantomime acting. There&#39;s an array of absurd caricatures, including Bozo (Gary Schneider) a psychotic, gym frequenting idiot who enjoys running children over with his friends Slug (Robert Prichard) and Julie (Cindy Manion). Whilst at the gym, they antagonise the janitor Melvin (Mark Torgl), a ridiculously dorky moron who spends much of his screen presence squirming and baring his comedy-looking teeth. I thought there would be a good old fashioned revenge film to be found in The Toxic Avenger, and there is to a certain extent, however the relentlessly silly acting broke any modicum of investment I may have had in the characters to the point where it became almost unwatchable.<br/><br/>Other characters include Mayor Belgoody (Pat Ryan Jr), the corpulent, corrupt mayor of &#39;Tromaville&#39;; the German police chief (David Weiss), who accidentally exposes his closeted Nazism by compulsively performing the Nazi salute and referring to the mayor as his Fuhrer and Sara (Andree Maranda), the Toxic Avenger&#39;s attractive, blind girlfriend whose condition is often the subject of juvenile jokes, the most frequent one being her stick inadvertently making contact with Toxie&#39;s crotch.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sure most are familiar with the premise – during a particularly humiliating session of bullying, Melvin the janitor falls out of a window and into a barrel of toxic waste, transforming him into a super strong and super righteous mutant – The Toxic Avenger.<br/><br/>Performed by Mitchell Cohen, the Toxic Avenger&#39;s, or Toxie&#39;s, screen presence is the film&#39;s chief merit. The prosthetics and makeup applied to Cohen&#39;s body are very good considering the budget and Troma&#39;s reputation. The scene in which Melvin transforms into Toxie is also appropriately painful looking and gruesome, reminding me of the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London released three years prior.<br/><br/>What I found particularly funny was the Toxic Avenger&#39;s voice. He initially only grunts and roars, I assumed he could no longer speak, however the toxic waste somehow provided him with a silky smooth mid-Atlantic accent (the voice acting provided by Kenneth Kessler). Kessler&#39;s diction is made for radio, it never gets old hearing it emanate from such a grotesque mouth. Amusingly, whenever Toxie speaks in this accent, his back is always facing the camera; this I thought was a reflection of the budget, so I was surprised when in the latter stages of the film you see Toxie speaking directly into the camera with no technical hitches at all – a sudden influx of money, perhaps?<br/><br/>Like everything else in the film, the violence is amateurish. At times it reminded me of my friend and I&#39;s home movies. Using the &#39;DigitalBlue&#39; camera, we created whole horror film franchises including the terrifying &#39;Oven Glove Man&#39; series and homages to the infamous Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. Inevitably, the two characters eventually clashed in a Freddy vs. Jason fashion, my friend was the &#39;Oven Glove Man&#39; and I, wearing a fancy dress hockey mask, was Jason Voorhees.<br/><br/>If my memory is correct, the majority of the films followed the same format of a murder scene followed by a still shot of the victim covered in terrible blood and gore effects that I applied with relish using the software&#39;s paintbrush function. Now and again the film felt like this, there would be lengthy fight scenes with little in the way of tangible choreography and nothing in the way of viscera. The viewers&#39; bloodlust is only given slight satiation when Toxie deals a finishing blow and the incapacitated victim&#39;s wounds are shown in often motionless close-up shots, some of which being very gory, particularly the scene in which Bozo runs over a teenager&#39;s head.<br/><br/>With gore, scantily clad women and ridiculous campy humour, The Toxic Avenger has many earmarks of a Troma film, however, unlike most comparable films, there are enough laughs to make its 87 minutes bearable and at times somewhat entertaining.<br/><br/>60%<br/><br/>www.hawkensian.com
A monstrously crude, blatantly tasteless film reminiscent of the now bygone drive-in movies. It's also sterling evidence of why they haven't been missed.
Yes, it&#39;s true. The so-called Unrated Extended Cut was released in Germany on VHS and features the well-known Unrated Version plus the deleted scenes reintegrated into the movie. Therefore this versions is nearly 12 minutes longer than the Director&#39;s Cut. In the UK, the cult film (that by now spawned 3 sequels) was released in a shortened version on VHS as well as DVD. Only the VHS tape released by Vipco and a very rare edition released by Troma are uncut. All shortened versions are missing nearly four and a half minutes of footage. Not sure if she appears in the theatrical, but she is definitely in the DC. She may be in the crowd when the lights come on and Melvin is kissing the sheep (with the red bikini)… but if you REALLY want to get a good look at her, go near the end of the film. When Toxie goes back to the gym later in the movie to take care of Julie (Cindy Manion), he confronts her by a mirror. A woman screams and Toxie spins around to see… Marisa Tomei (in a full body blue and purple striped swimsuit), who promptly spins around and runs away.
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